Good Routine makes you better

ENGLISH: Talking about routines may sound boring and monotonous, but it all depends on the routine you set yourself. Having routines is important to achieve your goals, move forward firmly and have a stable life. Our body asks us for routines: a routine to always eat more or less at the same times, a routine of sleeping every day and … Read More

Work Hard. There are no short cuts.

ENGLISH: Work hard, there are no shortcuts. I think this phrase can be applied to all aspects of our life. And I think there are people who spend their whole lives with the false illusion that someday they will achieve that miraculous trick that will end all their problems without effort. And while that happens, life happens and their dreams … Read More

Avoid debt. Get freedom

ENGLISH: I find incredible the way of life of today’s society based on permanent debts for absolutely everything. A loan to buy a car, a mortgage to buy a house, credit cards to buy clothes and trips. Many times I wonder where people get the money to live as they live and the answer is always the same, they live … Read More

Be Positive. Haters goes nowhere

ENGLISH: People’s attitude towards different situations can determine the success of some and the failure of others. I have always been surprised by the attitude of those known as «haters», those people who are the clear reflection of a negative attitude above all. Any reason is enough to attack and release all your inner evil against everything and everyone. I … Read More

Do not waste your time

ENGLISH: If there is something I don’t like and I always try to avoid, it’s wasting time. I have already commented that life is one, short and it passes very quickly. So we cannot be permanently wasting time. I’ve been living in Madrid for most of my life, a city that moving by car at certain times means being stuck … Read More

Don’t work for money, work for your quality of life

ENGLISH: I think all our lives we have been taught that we have to work for money. What’s more, I believe that today’s society is how it is organized, so that we dedicate our lives to working for money and little else. It is what matters in this consumer society in which we must act as pawns who have to … Read More

Don´t Be a Sheep

ENGLISH: Are you one of those who get up early to go to work, spend hours stuck in traffic jams, hate Monday, only have free time on weekends, spend money you do not have and spend the days wishing that time passed quick until their next vacation to go to a beach crowded with people like you? Then you are … Read More