Invest First. Then Spend.

ENGLISH As the years go by and I meet people, reading books and experimenting with my own experiences, I am realizing which is one of the main mistakes that the vast majority of us make. Luckily I have been able to learn and see the fruits of doing things well. I’m talking about how to better manage our money and … Read More

Learn to know when to stop

ENGLISH I’ve already talked about some lessons I was learning from minimalism before. But I repeat that I am not 100% guided by this mentality but it seems to me that it has many things to learn from and that are important for our lives. On this occasion I want to reflect on when in our life we ​​have reached … Read More

Where are we going

ENGLISH I have recently found a hobby of watching sociocultural documentaries (mainly on Netflix). It all started with a documentary about Minimalism that makes me realize many things. Then I discovered the documentary «The game changers» focused on food and veganism. And although you can never believe everything they tell you, I think they are quite inspiring and offer you … Read More

All trains are not for you

ENGLISH Surely many times it has happened to you that you have been told that someone invested in something and generated a lot of money, or that someone bought a very cheap house and sold it for much more money in a short time. There are many similar examples of opportunities that people close to us have been able to … Read More

Do not be controlled by numbers

ENGLISH It’s funny how numbers can control people. The normal thing is that people were controlled by the money. In the end, everything we do and how we manage our life is with the target of keep the number in the bank as high as possible. But in recent years, new numbers have emerged capable of controlling people’s lives, especially … Read More

Nobody said it would be easy

ENGLISH It is important that you understand that in life if something is worth it will not be easy. And I think that if something is too easy you probably won’t enjoy the achievement. Throughout our lives we are setting goals, objectives to achieve that depending on how ambitious they are will be more or less difficult. But life is … Read More

The World we live in

ENGLISH On some occasions I have written about how society is absorbed by levels of uncontrolled and senseless consumerism. But something that is leaving me quite surprised in these last months in which we live a pandemic is that the world is sustained by this uncontrolled consumerism. We have created a world completely sustained by savage capitalism that needs the … Read More

What means success for you

ENGLISH I would like to talk about success. If we stop for a second to think, we all move to achieve success in our lives. Every day that we get up, the actions that we are going to take throughout the day are aimed at achieving success. But we don’t all have the same concept of success. It seems that … Read More

What happen if.. ? Just do it

ENGLISH When making a decision, especially if it is a important decision, many doubts arise. It is completely normal. But what we must be clear about is that these doubts do not stop us from making changes or making important decisions in life. Doubts are resolved with information, and if they are not doubts, they are fears. And it is … Read More

Do not wait for disaster

ENGLISH Surely it has happened to you more than once that you have been putting off a problem or situation and in the end it has ended up exploding in the worst possible way. It is a fairly common action that we do from a very young age. When we have a challenge that is difficult for us, we generally … Read More