Small changes for a better life

ENGLISH We do not realize the effect that small changes can have on our life that at first view seem to be of little importance but it can improve our lives much more than we might think. Our day to day is full of little hobbies or routines that we carry out systematically and that we don’t stop to think … Read More

Challenge you, beat you

ENGLISH Normally we all tend to accommodate ourselves, look for a situation that is relaxed for us, we know it as the comfort zone. However, staying in the comfort zone can lead us to get stuck in different aspects of our life and settle for elements that are not really what we want. Personally, I think that you shouldn’t be … Read More

Avoid pessimism, be optimistic

ENGLISH I have always heard that the mind has great power over us and our actions. And the way we assimilate the things that happen to us can lead us one way or another. I have also heard that luck does not exist, but that the one who seeks it, finds it. I think it has relate with what I … Read More

Save money, invest money, earn money, repeat.

ENGLISH Every time I realise that the vast majority of people do not understand how money works, and really believe that people who have money is because they have been lucky with the lottery or similar, they have inherited it, they have reached a highly paid job or have gotten it illegally. And of course there is all that, but … Read More

Do not care about other´s opinion

ENGLISH We live in a society that we are highly included by the opinions of others. Social media are a clear reflection of this and are possibly even accentuating that concern for what others think of us. I think it is something that is very much within the way of being of the human being. We are social beings, who … Read More

Remove what you don´t need

ENGLISH It is something totally normal that in our day to day we have to make purchases out of necessity or on a whim. I have already spoken on some occasions that we should not fall into the trap of consumerism, but it is totally understandable and healthy for us to give ourselves some whims. But what can become a … Read More

Small steps take you very far

ENGLISH The safest thing is that throughout your life and at this very moment you have some goals in your life. Depending on how ambitious you are, your goals will be more or less great, but the important thing is to achieve them. One of the most common mistakes that are made and that leads us to abandon the goal … Read More

More does not mean better

ENGLISH We live in a society where we have been taught that to be happy and successful we must have a lot of everything. Many followers on social networks, many cars, many zeros in our account, many square meters in our house, many friends … But if we think of our parents or our grandparents, they did not have many … Read More

The key to a healthy economy

ENGLISH I think that maintaining financial stability is essential to lead a calm and happy life. It is clear that in the world we live in, the economy directly affects our lives. This does not mean that money is necessary to be happy, but I believe that economic stability is necessary, whatever money you have. What do I mean by … Read More

Do not be afraid of changes

ENGLISH Since we are young there have always been things that have scared us. As a child we were afraid of the darkness, strong storms, animals … but as we get older some fears disappear and others appear, such as not finding the right person, being alone, losing our job and many other things. But a fear that many people … Read More