Consumerism. How much is enough?

ENGLISH At 35 years of age I have already experienced the crisis of 2008 and currently the beginnings of the crisis that is causing the coronavirus. If I am learning anything, it is that the world economy is sustained by bringing society to totally excessive levels of consumption. We are getting used to the fact that every year there is … Read More

Fail is part of the success

ENGLISH All our lives we have been taught that failure is bad, and it is not that I am going to say that failure is good, but failure can be considered negatively or positively. Depending on how you assume it, it can lead you to success or failure. We must bear in mind that no one is born knowing and … Read More

Set your goals. Reach your goals

ENGLISH Something as simple as setting your goals in life is something that not everyone stops to think about and define clearly. On the contrary, it is very normal to let yourself be carried on without stopping to think about where the path you are taking takes you and end up reaching a dead end of unhappiness. I suggest that … Read More

The key of your life: consistency

ENGLISH If I have learned something throughout my 35 years it is that it is very difficult to achieve any goal if you do not have consistency. Everyone can have a lucky break sometime but generally if you don’t stick to your goal you will never achieve it. It is true that you have to start first by having some … Read More

Be alone. Enjoy alone

ENGLISH Every time I have the feeling that there are many people who are very afraid of being alone. I suppose this is also because I am 35 years old and in recent years I have been able to see how many people around me got married, had children or started a relationship with a person. I can appreciate how … Read More

Offline is the new luxury

ENGLISH I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with social media. On the one hand, I find them great to find content that you like, to be in contact with people who see little and to unleash your creativity on these platforms. But on the other hand, they have become the biggest waste of time outperforming television. … Read More

The important lesson of learn to say NO

ENGLISH Something that I have always admired in my life is people with great resolving capacity, who were able to find solutions to everything and who were able to carry out a task without having any knowledge of what they had to do but who have been able to find the right one solution to achieve it. I once saw … Read More

Create a TO DO list. Save your live.

ENGLISH Okay, maybe the title may seem exaggerated, but when I say that making a list of tasks can save your life, it is not that I mean that if you do not make that list you will die tomorrow. I just think that being tidy and having to-do lists are going to allow you to meet your goals, have … Read More

Delegate and focus on your strengths

ENGLISH One of the most important things that I have been learning and discovering in recent years thanks to my activity as an entrepreneur is the importance of delegating. It is a concept that until you start applying it you don’t realize how much life can change you and can lead you to be more successful. What’s more, within the … Read More

Time Flies. Life is short, enjoy it!

ENGLISH: Each time I realize how fast time passes and the speed at which we get older. I have recently turned 35 years old and many would say that I am too young to worry about these things. And I am not going to remove the reason, it is not that I consider myself older, it just scares me to … Read More